Physical Therapy

as a holistic approach to the treatment of the human body in a 1 on 1 setting.

I welcome you to read more about my Treatment Philosophy and to learn more about my holistic approach to Physical therapy. If you have questions, please contact me.

Service Areas:

  • Generalized musculoskeletal dysfunctions
  • Low back and neck pain
  • Pelvic floor dysfunctions (Prolapse, Urinary incontinence, Chronic pelvic pain syndrome)
  • Visceral manipulation to address restriction and lack of mobility
  • Selective functional movement assessment
  • Reiki
Physical Therapist Lisa McIntosh

Benefits of my Fee-For-Service Model

I operate under a fee-for-service model. Payment for services is expected when services are rendered. I do not file insurance claims for you, but I will provide you the necessary information for you to file your claim if you wish to do so (Medicare being an exception).

Contrary to my practice, many practices that accept commercial insurance allow treatments and treatment times to be biased by the type of insurance carrier the client has. At times, this may restrict the time a therapist might spend one on one with you. It may also dictate what type of provider is allowed to work with you. For example: a PT, PTA or technician. The remainder of your session you may be left alone to perform basic exercises (you could easily perform at home or at a gym) or paired off with an assistant. Your PT may be working with several clients at once or charting while you’re told to ride the bicycle to “warm up”.

So my question to you is this, is this the quality of care you expected? Compare this to my 1 hour rates and follow-up rates and you’ll see why the fee-for-service model offers you the best value.

What this means for you:

  • One-on-one, 1 hour treatments with a board-certified Physical Therapist
  • Private setting, No waiting room
  • Not 10-15 minutes with a different PT each visit or split between PTs, PTAs and Techs
  • Effective 1-2x/week sessions (most clients)
  • NOT unnecessarily treated 2-3x per week to fill a schedule
  • Advanced manual therapy: soft tissue, deep friction, trigger point massage
  • NOT hands-off, exercise-based sessions, blended with rudimentary body work
  • Sport / Work / Life-specific training
  • After a thorough evaluation specific exercises designed to address your specific issues
  • NOT cookie cutter, generic exercise
  • One clear fee with no surprise bills or invoices
  • NOT high yearly deductibles, rising copays and coinsurance
  • NOT dealing with authorizations, unexpected denials, treatment delays or phone “hold” times

My rates are simple: $80 / hour for the first initial evaluation/treatment. $60 / hour for follow up appointments. Even though I do not file insurance claims, I can provide you with the information to file your claim yourself if you wish to do so. (except in the case of Medicare).

What My Clients Say About Me

  • I would recommend Lisa McIntosh to anyone needing physical therapy care. As a physician and former physical therapist, I can testify to her experience level and skill. She brings greater than 25 years experience in various areas of physical therapy to deliver thoughtful, holistic care. Both myself and 15 year old son have benefited greatly. I have had both hamstring and sacroiliac issues and my son has had hip and thoracic spine issues. She will thoroughly evaluate the patient in terms of mobility, strength, flexibility and functional status and come up with an advanced plan for treatment. This specifically includes a wide range of manual skills to address joint, spine and muscle issues acutely. She will also develop a home program to continue progress in between treatments. I was immediately improved after one session of manual therapy for my sacroiliac issue as was my son for his thoracic spine issue. It is hard to find anyone who has worked in as wide range of arenas with-in physical therapy and who has developed the skills to comprehensively treat the majority of musculoskeletal issues.

    Chris Hudson, M.D.
  • As a former United States Air Force Academy Professor, Head intercollegiate coach, Director of the Human Performance Laboratory; and member of the United States Olympic Coaches’ Advisory Committee; I had the opportunity to witness and participate in our countries best efforts in sports medicine. I have had the privilege of being treated by Ms. McIntosh for both acute and chronic injuries. Her ability to discern and treat injuries with innovative modalities is noteworthy. Her no-nonsense approach to physical therapy is both effective and delivered in a most timely manner. Ms. McIntosh’s work ethic is second to none and demonstrates her willingness to compassionately serve others. Ms. McIntosh has consistently demonstrated a high level of professionalism well beyond her peers. Her proactive approach to task accomplishment guarantees success in any endeavor she is confronted with. Ms. McIntosh receives my highest recommendations for her work as a Sports Medicine Expert.

    P. Scott Petosa, Ph.D.
    Major, United States Air Force, Ret
  • I sustained a debilitating blunt trauma injury to my left shoulder as a result of an open water ocean rescue. I was serving as the seasonal supervisor for the Emerald Isle NC Fire Department’s Beach Patrol/Lifeguard program when the injury occurred. I nearly destroyed most of my left shoulder’s rotator cuff musculature and connective tissue. The injury required major reconstructive surgery and a lengthy rehab effort. That said, I was blessed to have a great surgeon and equally great PT, Lisa McIntosh. My injury went well beyond physical as I had not received any type of this kind of physical setback in my life. Lisa recognized this and cared for my shoulder as if it were her own. She was relentless, patient and compassionate for the months of physical therapy I endured. Not only did she shepherd an outstanding rehab but had me back in the water, pool and ocean, in time for the next season of lifeguarding. I admire the knowledge, skills and abilities of Ms. McIntosh beyond measure. More importantly, her ability to evaluate, treat and bring a patient’s life “back to normal” in a compassionate and caring way is priceless.

    Danny Shell
    Emerald Isle Fire Dept. Beach Patrol/Lifeguard, NC Highway Patrol, Retired